OMG, what a life saver.   So ONE of our newsletter was having issues in Outlook 2010, of course.  We have been trying to figure it out for MONTHS.  What was weird is that it was just happening to ONE newsletter (out of 14) and none of our other ones that had similar info had a problem.

I finally got around to really looking into the problem but first I had to search around for something that could help.  DreamWeaver CS5 has a “File Compare” (DreamWeaver / Preferences / File Compare) BUT I had to have a 3rd party program installed.  As of now I haven’t figured out how to set this up and when I found what worked I didn’t have time to set it up, but stay tuned for when I do figure it out.

I did some searching and found DiffMerge.  It worked great in letting me see the differences between the two files I needed to see and test them out.

We finally fixed the problem for this particular newsletter.  I’m not exactly sure what symbol(s) might have been causing the prior problem but we just did a find and replace for all of the following:
:: & in source code to &
:: & in text (live view) to &
:: single quotes to ‘
:: dashes to –

I guess Outlook 2010 doesn’t like these characters.


I think this site displays a great variety of infographics that can we can use when we do presentations or need to help other create a number representation.


interactive but not annoying.

Reading around the web I found this cute little 300×250 banner.  Tiled, colorful and interactive without being an expandable and annoying.